About Us

About Bright Beginners Academy
  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

    Bright Beginners Academy has been in business since 2005.
    With the understanding that you want the best for your child, we make every effort to provide excellent professional care within a loving atmosphere.
    Bright Beginners Academy was selected for the 2016 & 2017 Best of Kearny Awards for Day Care Center and the 2017 Best of North Arlington Awards for Day Care Center!
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    Our centers are licensed by the State of New Jersey for its facilities, educational standards and qualified staffing. Certified teachers are on premises during our business hours.
    We welcome our parents to visit our center at any time and we encourage their participation in our programs. We offer a variety of programs to better serve our parents’ and students’ needs. 
  • Dedicated classrooms with top skilled educators.

    Bright Beginners Academy I, II, III and IV serve children from 4 weeks to 10 years old. We provide four classes for children starting from 4 weeks old to 4 years of age. Our Before / After School Care class starts from 5-10 years of age.

    “Students have opportunities throughout the year to attend educational trips to broaden their knowledge.”

  • Curriculum

    Our Goals of the Pre K Program
    • Following directions
    • Recognizing and writing name
    • Developing personal and social skills
    • Character education
    • Problem-solving
    • Becoming independent
    • Understanding the concept of numbers
    • Learning about the natural world
    • Developing verbal expressions
    • Developing listening comprehension
    • Learning about themselves and their family
    • Learning about their community
    • Growing understanding of time change and continuity
    • Learning about the world of work
    • Discovering art, music and drama
    • Understanding health and safety
    • Developing physical movement